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Shopping in Vietnam

Souvenir–hunters will find rich pickings in Vietnam, whose eye–catching handicrafts and mementos range from colonial currency and stamps to fabrics and basketware crafted by the country’s ethnic minorities, and from limpet–like conical hats to fake US Army–issue Zippo lighters.

About Vietnam

Vietnam is located on the eastern seaboard of the Indochina peninsula, sharing common border with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. To the east and south lies the East Sea. Mountains and hills cover four ...

Ca Mau and Around

With its left shoulder braced against the Bac Lieu Canal, Highway 1 heads westwards from Bac Lieu towards the Ca Mau Peninsula, which constitutes not only the end of mainland Vietnam but of Southeast Asia as well.

Buon Ma Thuot and around

The city of BUON MA THUOT itself has little to offer, its central sprawl of modern buildings being splayed across a grid of characterless streets. With a jeep protruding from its central column, the town’s dramatic Victory Monument on Le Duan is the hub ...

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