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The 2015 Da Lat Flowers Festival

The 2015 Da Lat Flower Festival will be held from December 30th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016 in Da Lat City and neighbouring districts in Lam Dong Province.

Da Lat Flower Carnaval in 2007

The sixth festival will include a flower exhibitions, a carnival, a market, a scientific conference on flowers, a street displaying Lam Dong’s wine, tea and coffee, a space for calligraphy and flower photography.

Besides, there will be a flower space in residential areas, and a trade and tourism promotion fair and a Sunday specializing in flowers.

The biannual festival aims to promote the Da Lat trademark – a city famous for its tourism and relaxation, and to honour the flower planters and Da Lat’s flower value to domestic and foreign friends.

Theme: Dalat – Multitude of Flower Colors
Duration: 5 days, from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016 (From Wednesday through Sunday)
Venue: Dalat City and several localities within Lam Dong province.


1. Main Programs

1.1. Flower space

Date: from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016

 Flower space around Xuan Huong Lake: Set 10-20 miniatures of flowers towards the direction of contest launching with valuable awards, maintain flower miniatures for a long time to serve tourists and people’s need for sightseeing and photo taking. Units involved must present their ideas through sketches and drawings and get approval of the Organizing Committee before implementation.

• Le Dai Hanh Flower street, Ong Dao Bridge, Palace hotel area.

• Sightseeing destinations at flower villages and flower production units (Set up themed flower space at the Valley of Love resort, Dreaming Hill, Cable Car tourist attraction– Dalat and introduce stages of flower production at Ha Dong, Thai Phien, Van Thanh flower villages, Dalat Biotech Flower Forest Co. Ltd, Dalat Hasfarm,…)

 Implementation Units: Dalat City People’s Committee, Dalat Flower Association

Coordination Units: Lâm Đồng Society of Bonsais, ornamental plants and miniatures; Tourism, Sports & Culture Department; Lâm Đồng Young Entrepreneur Association; Lâm Đồng Tourism Association.

Le Dai Hanh Flower Street

1.2. Display, Exhibition of flowers, Ornamental Plants - Da Lat 2015

Date: from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016
Venue: Dalat City Flower Park

• Display, exhibit Dalat flowers, ornamental plants with participation of local and domestic
enterprises, craftsmen, individuals.. having strengths in flower production, operation, invite some international enterprises to join.

Implementation Unit: Dalat City people’s Committee.

Coordination Units: Dalat Flower Association; Lam Dong Society of Bonsais, ornamental plants and miniatures and some other cities and provinces.

1.3. Da Lat Flower Carnival

Date: from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016: (30 Dec, parade and performance after opening ceremony. On remaining days, perform selected repertoires at Lam Vien Square and several places around Xuan Huong Lake at fixed time – about 30 minutes)

• The parade includes: floats; groups performing street arts; groups performing vegetables and flowers fashion show (impressive costumes or fairy tale costumes …with participation of high school students, college and university students).

• Keep some carnival groups to perform selected items at fixed time from 30/12/2015 through 03/01/2016 at Lâm Viên Square and some places around Xuân Hương Lake.

Venue: Lâm Viên Square area – Dalat.

Implementation Units: Dalat Flower Association, Dalat City People’s Committee.

Coordination Units: Tourism, Sports & Culture Department; Education & Training Department, Lâm Đồng Provincial Youth Union.

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Da Lat Flower Carnival 2014

1.4. Opening Ceremony: The 6th Da Lat Flower Festival 2015

Date: 20h00, 30 Dec 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue: Lâm Viên Square – Dalat.

• Opening Ceremony (20 minutes); special musical & art performance (40 minutes); Dalat Flower Carnival Parade (with separate detailed scripts).

Implementation Units: Dalat City People’s Committee; Dalat Flower Association.

Coordination Unit: Tourism, Sports & Culture Department.

1.5. Dat Lat Flower Fair

Date: From 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016
Venue: Nguyễn Văn Cừ street (extended) and Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street.

• Display of flower, vegetable art; introduction, contract signing of vegetables, flowers purchasing and sale...introduction of food processing from Dalat vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Implementation Unit: Dalat City People’s Committee.

Coordination Units: Dalat Flower Association; Provincial Tourism Association.

1.6. Scientific Conference on Flowers

Date: 31 Dec 2015 (at 14h00)
Venue: Saigon Dalat hotel.

• Introduce, exchange flower varieties, Dalat flower brand to domestic and international markets associated with flower exhibition by units involved, with introduction and commentary.

Implementation Unit: Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

Coordination Units: Department of Science & Technology; Dalat City People’s Committee; Dalat Flower Association.

1.7. Lam Dong Red Wine - Tea - Coffee Quarter

Date: from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016
Venue: Fountain Park –Lâm Viên Square – Dalat or Bao Loc.

 Introduce, promote brand, exchange, purchase and sell red wine, tea, coffee of Dalat – Lâm Đồng and other cities and provinces in the country.

Implementation Unit: Lâm Đồng Tourism, Trade & Investment Promotion Center.

Coordination Units: Industry & Trade Department; Tourism, Sports & Culture Department; Dalat City People’s Committee; Bảo Lộc City People’s Committee.

1.8. Space for Calligraphy, Fire-painting and Flower Photography

Date: from 30 Dec 2015 through 03 Jan 2016
Venue: Xuân Hương Park, Dalat
Content: Calligraphy performance, fire-pen painting, flower photography.
Implementation Unit: Literary & Art Society.
Coordination Units: Tourism, Sports & Culture Department; Dalat City People’s Committee; Industry & Trade Department.

The Openning Ceremony of Da Lat Flower Festival

2. Responsive Programs

2.1. Flower space at residential areas (mobilize organizations, individuals, enterprises in Dalat to plant flowers on and off their premises). Organize “Green – Clean – Beautiful” contest, select and recommend addresses with beautiful flower space for tourists to visit, film and take photos. Dalat City People’s Committee implements this.

2.2. Trade Fair and Promotion of Lam Dong Tourism (implemented by Lam Dong Tourism, Trade & Investment Promotion Center).

2.3. Themed flower, architecture, spiritual belief Tour … (implemented by Lam Dong Tourism, Sports & Culture Department).

2.4. Landscape Flower Contest for tourist attractions (implemented by Lam Dong Tourism, Sports & Culture Department).

2.5. Flower Sunday: Organize flower fashion contest, flower tandem bicycle contest, flower pedal boat contest … (implemented by Dalat Youth Union).

2.6. Typical Art Group Festival, held at Lam Vien Square on the evenings of 30, 31 Dec 2015, 01 to 03 Jan 2016 (implemented by Lam Dong Tourism, Sports & Culture Department).

2.7. Encourage other organizations and individuals involved in Dalat Flower Festival to enroll other responsive programs.

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