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About us

Amity Smile Travel is a blend of progressive technology and passionate people. Our expertise is built on personal travel experience and trusted relationships in every destination we recommend. It means we can offer you the best customised and guided tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.
We can tailor and plan your itinerary to feature the highlights of the countries you would like to visit and suit your budget and time requirements.

In each one of the our tours, you can enjoy the incredible scenery and real life of every destination. You will be accompanied by well-trained, passionate guides. 

Are your planning your trip? Please contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you create a trip that exceeds your expectations.

AnchorWhy choose Amity Smile Travel?

1/ International tour operator.

2/ Dedicated team of travel experts.

3/ Flexibility and responsibility.

4/ Unbeatable prices and unsurpassed value.

5/ Guarantee highest quality of service.

6/ 15 years of travel industry experience.

7/ Making your holiday "a journey of a lifetime".

Our statements:

1/ We are working hard to become one of the best destination management companies in the Indochina Peninsula and to earn and keep our customers trust when they choose Amity Smile Travel.

2/ We are committed to providing a high quality and unsurpassed service. Our customers must receive the utmost value for money services down to every last cent they pay.

3/ We are committed to dealing with global travellers so that they all can discover the treasures of Indochina. We can do this by providing a full range of flexible options for both high and low budget travellers.

4/ We are always striving to improve our working environment so that staff can enjoy and take pride in their work, gain more experience and have every opportunity for career progression. Our aim is to ensure our staff share in the company’s success and growth.

5/ All valued members of the Amity Smile Travel family are vital to the company’s development and an integral part of our future plans.

Our philosophy:

For the Amity Smile Travel team, today’s customers are the key to our future success. We take care of today’s customers in order to secure our future customers. We absolutely recognize that your recommendation to other travellers is the most effective and positive advertisement for our company.

Welcome to Amity Smile Travel Vietnam!

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