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You need to understand their cultural behavior in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary trouble. Especially when you travel a culturally diversified country like Vietnam.

About source of information, you should not place undue reliance on these guide books although they are quite convenient, especially watch out if you're holding in your hands the version published a long time before, lack of updated information. 

Learn the experiences of those who have travelled to Vietnam before on the travel forums like Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet however please check when the information was last updated.

Many people at the end of their vacation realized that they had missed some worth visiting places or landscapes, for example some visitors to the Citadel in Hue don't know where the Forbidden City was located before (brought down in the Tet Offensive of Hue in 1968), some just have a quick look at the Moon Gate and Thai Hoa palace and finish, it's really a waste of time and money.

Choose the right time to travel Naturally the trip must be in your free time when you take a leave or not busy with your work (education, business...) however you are recommended to check climate weather conditions of the places you are going to visit.

Streams, rivers, waterfalls in the mountain areas often have a sudden floods in the rainy season. In the rainy seasons, it is not a good idea to go to the forest since the weather is very humid and produce mosquitoes and insects such as in Cuc Phuong forest, Cat Tien or Bach Ma national parks in the south. Similarly, the beaches, the islands in the sea like Phu Quoc island or Catba island these days don't have fun and even dangerous. 

Cold season, lengthy rains in Hue just bore people of Hue, but after about the full moon of December and January, you will enjoy taking the drizzle in the sunshine with pleasant weather. Or if you want to see the terraced fields in the North West and North East areas, the best time is in mid-September to mid October when the the hillside is green with rice plots between yellow residue around the grain, or the harvest time when the rice is ready to cut.


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