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Sapa Trekking

Trekking is a kind of travelling that you will move one place to another on your foot. Trekkers usually choose somewhere remote, wide, natural and full of challenge to take their trip. Because of its adventure, activeness and energy, this activity attracts many people at all ages, in many fields, from young to mature or even elder people, from students to white-collar workers. It is not about the issue of discovering natural condition as well as custom and culture or enjoying the fabulous and breathtaking sites of place you go, trekking is a good chance for you to find out yourself, about your health, strength, your patience or your limitation or something like that. 
In Vietnam, the trend of trekking has come up for a long time, but recent several years it has almost become a hot trend of travelling. There are a large number of places in whole Vietnam attracting trekkers. One of the most is Sapa. Sapa now is becoming an attractive destination for those who is love trekking to the local and discovering exclusive cultural facts during a Sapa Tours.

As mentioned above, a suitable destination for trekking has to be hard and challenging enough and Sapa is absolute the same. Sapa Distric is in Lao Cai Province to the northwest of Vietnam, far from Hanoi about 380 km, near the border with China. The town of Sapa lies at the height of 1500m above sea level. They are the domination of Hoang Lien Son range of mountain and the highest mountain of Indochina area, Fanxipan 1600m above sea level that create Sapa’s hilly terrain. No matter how you travel, Sapa itself is so fascinated with lots of spectacular sites that seem to invite everyone to come and discover. They are green terraced field round mountain slopes like wave, European-style architecture hotels and villas are covers by morning dew or H’mong, Tay, Dao girls in colorful dresses sitting by stilt houses or beautiful vast forest of peach in springs... however, in other’s opinions, just by trekking you are capable of experiencing all beauty of Sapa.

One Sapa trekking tour can last 3-4 days or more depends on your destinations and climate. A Sapa – Mong Sen - Taphin – Matra – Suoi Ho tour, for example, lasts 4 nights/3days but Fanxipan Campain tour usually takes you 4 days/5nights to finish in good climate condition. However, if the weather is not good enough, rain forest, foggy or cold, the tour can last longer than you expected. 

One more charming thing in Sapa except for rough scenery is diversity culture. This place is home of a great diversity of ethnic minority people such as: H’mong, Dao, Tay and Kinh people also. As a result, when trekking and having home stay here, you will have chance to experience one-day as a true resident by sleeping in stilt houses, eating specialties like San Lung, corn wine, stream fish or “thắng cố” (a mixture of all parts of horse, pig, buffalo, ox),...and wearing unique traditional clothes. To your amazement, you will see much thing interesting here such as those local pigs, dogs, or buffalo, etc on the way.

To conclusion, we will give you some small tips for a perfect Sapa trekking. 


It is quite hard to answer when the best time to trek Sapa is. In each season or time of the year, Sapa has its own beauty and difficulties.
From March to September, Sapa is blooming with flowers and green pastures. In this period time, the degree is so cool from 15 – 25 degree Celsius and the weather is perfect with dry sunny days and clear cold nights. You will find easy to move and enjoy sightseeing.


There are some sites in Sapa that you should not ignore. 
Fanxipan Mountain considered as the roof of the Indochina peninsular at 3143 meter above sea level in which there has many fabulous sites. Cat Cat Village is an old village of ethnic groups about 3 kilometers from the town of Sapa, nestled in a lovely valley with many unique custom and culture that may lost in place else.

Sapa Market is right on the heart of Sapa town that take place every Sundays from dawn to twilght. You can come here and bring home flowers, groceries, food and fresh products. An interesting thing is that Sapa Market is a place for not only trading but also socializing exchanging activities. You will be amazed at an activity called Love Market holds in each Saturday evening. 

Local tour guide

This is the most essential factor you have to think first. There are much of unpredictable thing in the tour so you need a person who have enough skills, experience to help you face with them. So the best choice is local person. 
Trekking is not an activity for anybody apart from people who love travelling and have a big ambition of winning themselves enough. Sapa, Vietnam is an right and worthy decision for your trekking. Hope you enjoy your own trip best. 

Things to bring with

Preparing carefully before trekking is a very important thing because you cannot find somewhere like a store or supermarket is at the middle of the forest to buy thing you need immediately. For a smooth journey, you should bring yourself good shoes, raincoat, knives when you need to cut something, sun cream, insect repellant, jackets in case of cold condition at night, a camera to record your unforgettable trip, etc. Whatever you bring, remember a rule:  necessary and as less as possible. The reason is that front roads will be very long and difficult.


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