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Is Sapa Homestay Suitable To You?

It’s said that Sapa homestay may not be suitable to everybody visiting Sapa in a nice day. The first thing you see when staying in Sapa is an array of treks available to choose associated with an option to do a trek including a homestay. Though homestay is the greatly new experience, it’s not for everybody. Following are some ideas about what to expect during your Sapa homestay. As its name has noted, homestay is a kind of overnight stay in someone’s house. About Sapa, such house is mostly the home of a H'mong or Red Dao family.

Everything to Bear in Mind about Sapa Homestay

First of all, know that the hosts must be registered to be able to offer homestay accommodation legally. However, that rules may not be applied well in some areas and the locals can even provide homestay if they’re known as “the right people”. In regards to the home registered criteria, here are some: it must has a flush toilet which is clean and tidy, bedding with a mosquito net and more significantly, the hosts must take on food hygiene training and overcome an exam for hygienic confirmation. Though guests will live in a traditional house, there stand separate rooms giving them some private spaces. 

Though being modified, Sapa homestay accommodation stills sound elementary since the houses look like huts without natural light and with thin mattresses and separated toilet (not attached to the building). Besides, the presence of bugs and spiders may make some guys displeased. Nevertheless, note that there exist some houses being really clean and comfortable enough! So, no need to worry. The most important trait is you can experience new culture in a new destination. Surely, Sapa homestay is not just a bed for the night. Rather, it’s very exciting and engaging. 

Here is what is likely to occur:

Once arriving at the homestay, you’ll be taken to your room. Those going in groups are likely to share a room; anyway, remember to ask for individual bed or mattress. To ensure satisfaction, check it in advance with the tour operator. In case of Red Dao homestay, it often cover herbal bath so travelers may take it in turns for bathing.  In a small side room, there is 2 big barrels and the host will give you towels before climbing into the barrel (it’s optional to wear swimming costumes). 15 minutes later, you get out with smooth skin, red face, and good ease.

Then, the host family will prepare dinner for you with modified menu often including rice, spring rolls, stir-fried meat and veg. Spend your time eating and communicating with the hosts (with or without your translator). Fulfill your night time also with pipe smoking, more beer, rice wine and card games. That’s an absolutely fun evening.

Next morning, get up early or wear earplugs otherwise because people there wake up very soon (around 7 AM or 8 AM) to prepare for your breakfast (often pancakes). Say goodbye and now the trek is over in happiness. It’s revealed that homestay is very beneficial to the hosts as well as the whole village, so experience homestay during your Sapa exploration benevolently!


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