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Pipe-shaped Hostel – An unique accommodation in Da Lat

If you travel to Da Lat, you will have a chance to admire and experience an extremely unique accommodation that has been just launched in Vietnam for recent time. May be it is not still a new type in some develop countries on the world, but this type of accommodation is still new in Vietnam. Therefore this time, it received many interests from domestic tourist especial the young people who like travel with their own schedule. Although the Hostel with 10 rooms has been opened in a short time but they are always fully booked as well as receive many high comments on it.

The owner of this unique type of accommodation is Mr. Nguyen Quang Khai who also is a photographer in Da Lat. He said he has ever seen this model in many countries and realized that Da Lat where he lives is the best destination to opened this accommodation in Vietnam. It is must a good idea, but it is not easy because of the weather and topographic in Da Lat are may not suitable for this kind of hostel. However, he and his friend who is a architect didn’t give up by renovating the first design of it and then the first pipes hostel has been built and finished at finally.

The customers who he want to offer are backpackers, the person who like travel by themselves. To help them will have most enjoyable & memorable hostel experience in Da Lat so from color to designs are suitable for them.

The hostel with 10 pipe-shaped rooms has been just opened for a week only but there are many visitors and tourists interest in as well as would like to experience their stay at pipe-shaped hostel. 

Besides, the hostel has a large yard so you can do many extra activities here such as teambuilding game, fire camping which is a good chance to help you have more meaningful time together in Dalat’s autumn weather in the last day of this year.

The room rate is not expensive for budget travelers, only from 100.000vnd/night/pax. The rate as below details:
+ If you travel alone the room rate is 200.000vnd/single room/night
+ 250.000vnd/room/night for double room
+ 300.000vnd/triple room/night (for 3 person/per room)

The owner said that “the rooms are the same size so the room rate is charged depends on the number of person stay. Because the budget travelers some travel in a group some travel alone, the demand for group is not the same with who travel alone such as who travel in group would like to stay together but who travel alone don’t want to share the room with another one. Therefore, the room rate is charged depends on the number of person stay is the best and flexible way for our customers’ satisfactory. 

Every pipe-shaped room is designed to fit a queen size bed with a mattress and a locker to keep your bags…also decorated in a modern, dynamic, colorful style to suitable for young people. However, because of the small size of rooms so the bathroom is built outside near the room. The bathroom is designed in 2 separate parts, one for bathing and another one for toilet with the standard facilities off course the hot and cold water system in need for cold weather in Dalat.

Located on a small hill with a nice panoramic views of Da Lat. You can even see everything from the pine forest, the town, the terrace field, the farm,… from your room. Because, hostel is located on a level high much more with level sea, frog is typical weather when early morning rise and late night down. You can see frog covers all over a large valley. 

The hostel also offer café and atiso tea (a specialty of Da Lat) at free of charge, they also provide books at hostel for your demand especial who like reading book. You can admire the nice view of the hostel’s view while reading or take part in a fire camping and BBQ dinner with your friends here.

With designs are the same the tiger-cages-shaped and capsule hotels in Vietnam but the room of pipes-shaped hostel is designed diffirent from them. If the room of other hostels are designed in dorminity style that the clients stay all together, but at the pipes-shaped hostel you will offer a private room (although the room size is small), you cannot see each other.

Although, supported to budget travelers and location is in the heart of the city but their clients still don’t suffer from the narrow space without sunlight, they still get the benefits from hillup location such as an open-space, fresh air, a big yard and a good view. Just open the door, you can admire frog in the early morning or sunset in every afternoon or quiet air of peace town.

From the day of grand opening at a week ago, there are many bookings is confirmed especial the hostel always is fully booked at weekend. If you would like to book your stay at this hostel, you should make a reservation one week before at least. 

Hope that this concept of accommodation will be developed not only in Da Lat but also in other destinations in around Vietnam in near future such as Da Nang, Sapa, Hanoi, Ha Giang, Moc Chau, Mai Chau,..


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