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Mid-Autumn's Festival

Mid-Autumn (Trung Thu) is the day when the moon is at its brightest in a year. In that spirit, to worship the Moon Genie, there comes the celebration of Mid-Autumn's Festival. According to legends, this holiday is originated from a Chinese story in which an Emperor of Duong (Tang) Dynasty, Duong Minh Hoang, was taken to the moon by a wizard named La Cong Vien.


In the middle of his trip to the moon, the Emperor caught a glimpse of fairies in heaven celebrating the full moon. When Duong Minh Hoang was back to earth, he taught his citizens about the celebration and it became a custom lasting through years. Through times and times, Mid-Autumn’s Festival gradually becomes an event providing children with a rich diversity of delightful traditional games and entertaining activities, offering great helps in promoting education as well as culture.

Before the Holiday, moon cakes made from sticky rice and colorful lanterns in different forms of star, boats, dragons, and so on are made to serve in the festival. On the special day, at night, mid-autumn festive parties with Banh Nuong and Banh Deo (in the shape of moon and fish), candies and fruits are held at every residential area.  Moreover, traditional games like hide and seek, lantern marching, and lion dancing are organized for children to fully participate in.

TIME: 8th full moon

PURPOSE: worship Moon Genie, promote education and culture

ACTIVITIES: eating moon cakes, hanging around with lanterns, playing traditional games  

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