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Children's Day

The International Children's Day of Vietnam is one June 1st, and as suggested by its name, the festival is for children. As children are the future of mankind, the event sends adults a reminder about taking better care and protection towards their beloved kids.


Also, this day specially marks the start of summer vacation — the occasion when children truly enjoy as they are free from school and homework.

The way Vietnamese people celebrate this meaningful event is varied. It could be done by individuals. That is, in each family, parents do something special for their kids: taking them to the parks, buying them toys, or holding a picnic at the suburb — something that might be as simple as going out, enjoying some fresh air. As you know, even when children do not have to go to school, their parents still have to go to work. Adults have no summer vacation. However, because of their kids, they can take a day off and try to perform their duty as well as they can.

The celebrating process can also be done by groups or institutions. For example, a company, or a residential group can hold a party for the children of its members — one that is well served with plenty of snacks, fruits and soft drinks. Sometimes, it goes along with offering some awards: children with good results in studying will have their name said out loud and be given a prize. In addition, this could be done on a national scale — a special show will be aired, in which humorous plays are performed.  

On this day, children activists call for people’s attention by the most effective and outstanding ways. Donations for disadvantaged children will be collected and sent to the right places, and visitations to hospitals of pediatrics will be carried out.

In general, Children’s Day is the occasion of promoting the bond between parents and kids as well as the connection among children, of enhancing child welfare and protection.

TIME: June 1st

PURPOSE: promote children caring and protecting movements

ACTIVITIES: actions enhancing the bond between parents and children  

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