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Budget Travel - Transportation

Transportation expenses will make up a considerable part of your travel budget. They consist of the cost for your flight to Vietnam as well as urban and possibly long distance transportation inside Vietnam.

It is a widespread misconception that flight will be more expensive than buses and trains but if you know how to get a cheap flight ticket and if there are many destinations on your travel schedule, flights may be the best choice for you. 

International Flights

The following are ways to save on airfare to Vietnam

* Plan your trip outside high seasons.

* Search for special offers via travel agents, newspaper, travel websites or the airlines' websites. Most major airlines have "Special Offers'' section on their website. That being said, a huge discount is offered if you book ticket during the sales time (you don't have to travel on the sales time, just book them when discount if offered). Alternatively, you should check to compare the airfare between airlines because during peak season to popular destianation, we found that there is a little diffirence in price among airlines. In these cases, and if your demand for flight is really neccessary, early booking can sometimes be beneficial as prices may increase closer to the flight date. 

* Another option is using low-cost carriers such as Air Asia, Jestar Pacific or Vietjet Air which are serving Vietnam from an increasing number of destination in South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, in particular.

* If you enter Vietnam through one airport and leave through another, can save you from costly backtracking across Vietnam. Also consider purchasing domestic air tickets in conjunction with your international flight as some airlines offer air passes or discounts on connecting domestic flights.

* Vietnam Airline - a national airline - offering a VNA Holidays package which combine airfare and accommodation at low rates, available to individual consumers. These packages apply both for international and domestic flights. Check us out, or get our newsletter for special offers on flights to Vietnam and others.

Long-distance travel within Vietnam

By open buses

For who have more time to travel by ground transportation, careful planning of your travel schedule can have a huge effect on your transportation budget. The most saving way of travel is using open buses to transfer from one destination to another. Because open buses are, by far, the cheapest way to travel longer distances in Vietnam. For example, you can take a sleeping bus from Hanoi to Lao Cai - a 8 hour drive - for 15USD/pax/way. Or, with only 20 - 60USD, you can stop at mutiple destinations along your schedule and stay as long as you want (as long as you give 24hours notification for the next bus). The ticket can be booked via travel agents or actual company's offices. In the backpackers' areas, the offices are line up one after the other. Or contact us for making a reservation.

By Vietnam Railways

All foreign visitors to Vietnam who wish to visit more than one destination should consider the way of transfer by train. There are 2 kinds of train in Vietnam are tourist train and general train. The general is, usualy cheaper than the tourist one. So, to save your money you should take the general one. Besides, travel on a night train or bus will help you save a night's accommodation.

By Domestic flights

Competition between low-cost airlines, regular airlines, railways and overnight buses has produced a wide range of discount air fares and has made air travel a competitive budget alternative on many long distance routes. In Vietnam, low-cost carriers such as Jestar Pacific Airline and Vietjet Air offer particularly low fares for booking online via their websites or via air ticket agents. 

Urban Transportation

Cost on urban transportation can be decreased by planning out your route wisely. On each day, try to concentrate on just one part of the city instead of zigzagging around town. Thereby you can walk in between sights and minimize taxi and bus travel. To transfer in the cities in Vietnam, there are 4 ways by local bus, by taxi, by motorbike taxi (xe om) and by bicycle. 


Local bus

It is quite cheap, for 10.000VND you can get to destination you want in a short time. However, not all of the destinations you want visit can get by bus, you may have to take 2 or 3 buses to get there or have to combine bus and walk. In addition, you should take local bus if you have enough time because there are many stops on the way to the destination you want.


If you travel in a group, take taxi is the best way to transfer. This because taxi is more flexibility and faster than the others and if you travel in a group the taxi fare will be shared for all of you. Thereby, you can save a some of money for your budget.

Motorbike taxi

Contrary to travel by taxi, motorbike taxi is good for individual travellers. Motorbike taxi is not only flexibility but also very fast and cheaper than taxi, even you can bargain. Of course, the price depends on where you want to go, but for the short distance taxi is a better choice. Or, if you like adventure or confident in your driving skill you can ask for rent a motorbike at tourist areas. Price around 100.000 - 200.000VND/motorbike/day.


Bicycle for rent can find out at tourist areas easily. It costs you from 30.000 - 50.000VND/bicycle/day. Hereby, you can travel to sights in a short distance. 

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