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Budget Travel - Food

The most importan thing in journeys is food. How can you keep on your schedule with out eating? It is not necessary to die from hunger to save money when traveling in Vietnam, as food in Vietnam is cheap, it is easy to find a wide selection of low-cost but with quality meals around Vietnam, especially if you advoid expensive restaurants which are generally targeted towards tourists.


The following suggestions are some ways of having an inexpensive meal:

Banh My (Vietnamese Bread)

One of the cheapest foods in Vietnam is banh my (Vietnamese sandwich) which you can find out easily on the streets. They are filling, non-fussy and tasty! It costs you around VND15.000 to VND20.000 per one.


Com Binh Dan 

Another one of budget options is Com Binh Dan (streetside restaurants) with a wide array of dishes. For less than VND50.000, you can have a hearty and authentic lunch.

Pho or Bun (Noodle)

For less than VND30.000, you can also get a hot bowl of Pho or Bun with a glass of Vietnamese iced tea. There are many selections of kind of noodles such as noodle with beef, noodle with chicken, noodle with pork,...For this one, you can find out easily throught Vietnam. 

Drinks and fresh fruits

Fruit juice, coffee, smoothie, mineral water and many seasonal fresh fruits are good choices for your budget. With only $2, you can freely choose what you like for your desserts

The great thing about eating on budget in Vietnam is that the extremely budget conscious could thrive on food without sacrificing much variety or their health. If you are looking for a cheap international eats, the backpackers' of Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi is the best place to go. There are many small establishments and restaurants, yet still offers a quality selection of inexpensive basic international meals.

One of good tips for your budget is that remember to find the stores or stands before you want to buy a bottle of water because it is cheaper than purchase in hotel much more. Besides, you can order a glass of iced tea in small restaurant (normally free of charge), it is very refreshing for hot days and usualy safe. If you order a glass of iced tea on a streetside, it costs you less than VND5.000 per glass. Another cheap option is beer, local beer is very popular in every city in Vietnam at a reasonable cost (around VND7.000).

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