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Hanoian, show me your Hanoi

If you have an excursion day in Hanoi and want to explore Hanoi in an authentic way. But, you have no ideas about the destinations as well as have the difficulties about language. Don’t worry! We are here to show you. 

Homestays in Vietnam

Staying in small local hotels is a great way to get a feel for the culture you’re visiting, but if you really want to understand more about the daily lives of the local people, then there really is no substitute ...

Chau Doc and Around

Since the opening of the border to Cambodia a few kilometres north of town, CHAU DOC has boomed in popularity, and is the only place apart from Can Tho where you are likely to see foreigners in any numbers.

Buon Ma Thuot and around

The city of BUON MA THUOT itself has little to offer, its central sprawl of modern buildings being splayed across a grid of characterless streets. With a jeep protruding from its central column, the town’s dramatic Victory Monument on Le Duan is the hub ...

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