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Photographic Journey Through Northern Vietnam

As always, when it comes to Vietnam, we talk about the war, the economic booming, and the Communist Party. However, Vietnam has become one of the tourist hotspots in the past decade due to its friendly people, untouched natural sceneries, and many hidden charms.

Taking from these inspirations, French photographer, Rehahn, has once again made his 12-day road trip to the Northeast of Vietnam such as Sapa, Hà Giang, Đồng Văn, Cao Bằng, etc. to uncover some of these unseen beauties.
The photographer has uncovered more colors of Vietnam for his upcoming book project, which is the compilation of 56 different ethnic minorities currently living in the country. This new discovery will add more to his second volume of “Vietnam Mosaic of Contrasts” which will sure allow the world to see many hidden charms of Vietnam.

2 sisters playing in a bath on the road

Ma Pi Leng Pass

La Chi Ethnic group

Lùng Leo Phố, 78 spends his days making wooden water pipes

Lolo Hoa ethnic group

Phùng Thi Phố, 17

Lunch time

Red Dao ethnic group

Sunset on the rice terraces

Black Lo Lo ethnic group

Hmong Hoa Ethnic group

Hmong ethnic group

An elder lady Hmong, 60 years old, met between Lao Cai and Bac Ha

Dao Man ethnic group

Lý Thị Vin, 13. I found her village when going back to Quản Bạ, 3km of rocky muddy road!

Dong Van Plateau

Between Dong Van and Meo Vac

Pu Peo ethnic group

This 83-year-old lady is living in a remote area. There’re only 617 people of this ethnic group in all Vietnam.

Lunar terrain

Between Dong Van and Meo Vac

Pà Thẻn ethnic group

It only takes 30 minutes to prepare the hat

Cờ Lao Xanh ethnic group

Thịnh Thi Giáo is a 22 year old girl from “Cờ Lao Xanh” ethnic group. Like all members of her family, she said she is proud to wear the traditional costume.

Rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi


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