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Expats do morning exercises at Hoan Kiem Lake

For a county not know for it's sporting prowess, Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, appears to be gripped in a fitness frenzy. Before 6am street corners, parks and lake sides are a hive of activity as keep fit classes, Tai chi and personal exercise regimes are seen in abundance around the city. Particularly noticeable are Women's keep fit classes, often accompanied by loud poor quality western disco beat music as the occupants of the city get fit come rain or shine.

Every morning at the Hoan Kiem Lake, people can see foreigners practice morning exercises of the Vietnamese elderly.

A group of tourists hired an instructor. Anderson, from Germany, said, there are not many street sports like this. In the occasion to visit Vietnam, he wanted to feel the morning air at the Hoan Kiem Lake.

They can practice all exercises of the Vietnam elderly, such as tai chi.

Nick from London also participated in the laughter yoga club at the foot of Ly Thai To monument at 6am.

Other foreigners lined with women to practice the Aerobic, with music from a small radio cassette.


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