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Da Lat, romantic with pink grass

Da Lat is romantic and attractive by not only charming wild sunflowers, red maple leaves but also beautiful pink grass hills, which make the city of flower a little-known beauty in Vietnam.

Pink grass is a kind of the wildflower, often growing in clusters. Pink grass has the strong vitality, even gown on the arid rocky ground. Its flower has pink color or purple pink. It’s so silky soft that rubbing it against your skin will cause the feelings of tickling, amused.

Pink grass is famous in Shanghai, China, and North America. However, you can easily come across fragile pink grass hills in a few places in Da Lat now. The grass fully blooming in the early winter makes dreamy scenery. Standing among the beautiful pink grass clusters, you look like a little angel.

This special grass usually grows along the peaceful and romantic village roads or beside red maple trees on hills, which make their colors brilliantly mixed.

From Hung Vuong Street, Da Lat, you go ahead to Trai Mat and then turn left down Phien Thai flower village. Keep moving about 2km, you will see charming pink grass fields sparkling in the early winter.

The pink grass was grown on the bank of Suoi Vang (Golden Stream) as the colorful carpet, along with pretty horses grazing to create the extremely unspoiled but charming scenery.

A lot of visitors and photographers come to Da Lat to admire and capture beautiful moments of nature. This is also the best time to visit Da Lat for camping. In the cold weather of winter, sitting in the camp set up on pink grass hills, and singing together leaves you unforgettable experiences.

Not famous like wild sunflowers, mimosas or peach blossoms but pink grass has its own attraction, which makes a significant contribution to the romantic and poetic beauty for the City of Flower – Da Lat.

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