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5 of the vietnam's unique & strangest hotels & hostels

Today, there are many “unusual” hotels & hostel in Vietnam. All of them are designed in unique & strange style which you must never have seen it before in Vietnam. This to attract more travelers who are young people; love traveling; backpackers or intrepid, quirky and adventurous globetrotters. They are also those who don’t like boring things but like exploring; interesting, new & strange things. Here are the Vietnam’s unique & strangest hotels that might meet your needs.

The Kaiteki Hotel (Capsule Hotel), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What it is: Kaiteki, the first capsule hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, was launched last October at 22 Bui Vien Street in District 1. The six-floor Kaiteki has 60 capsules on level 4 and 5 for men and on level 6 for women and ten standard rooms on the other floors. The top three floors can comfortably accommodate around 100 guests. The capsules equipped with a flat-screen TV, a USB port, wifi, shelf and sockets, among others. 

Why it’s unique: As the name, each “room” looks like the “beehive” capsule covers two square meters (1 x 2 x 1,2 – meter) made from steel and is big enough for one person sleep inside. A regular capsule at Kaiteki Hotel costs only $6 a night, and guests spend only $7 for one night in a luxury one, which boasts the same comforts but a nicer position. The ‘room’ rates here is also are the cheapest price and are of equal quality to those in other regional countries. 

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For more information, see: kaitekihotel.com

The Circle Vietnam Hostel, Da Lat City, Vietnam

What it is: The Circle Vietnam Hostel is a new hotel in Da Lat that provides guests with the option to spend the night in a tube. For only 200.000VND per person, you can have one of ten pipe-shaped ‘rooms’ and one of the more unique accommodation experiences in Vietnam.

Why it’s unique: Located on a small hill covers 400sqm in Da Lat are 10 unique pipe-shaped ‘rooms’ which are designed with a panoramic view of Da Lat City and different colors. Each pipe-shape room is 2m diameter, 2,5m long with wooden cover inside. In each room also has a bed of 1,7 x 2-meter and other standard facilities.

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For more information, see: thecirclevn.com

Coto Eco Logde, Coto Island, Vietnam

What it is: Nicknamed the ‘tent duck’ hotel, Coto Eco Lodge is the unique stay offering space and atmosphere for a truly secluded vacation. Having 18 bungalows located in Hong Van Beach and overlooking the Halong Bay. The Eco Lodge offering a beachfront restaurant, a beach bar even a beach pub and many other extra services of tour in Coto Island. 

Why it’s unique: The bungalows are built using environmentally friendly materials such as wood, palm branch and having an outside looks like the tent of duck. Although, there is no wifi, no air-conditioner, no TV, no refrigerator and no other high-tech devices in each bungalow but the price is not cheap from 800.000VND to 1.400.000VND per bungalow per night.

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For more information, see: cotoecolodge.com

Coco Beach Camp, Lagi Beach, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

What it is: Only with a large bathing beach, a small white villa located on the coast, a round bar in Hawaii style and a large library, the Coco Beach Camp actually takes tourists go through from a surprise to another surprise. Especially, in Coco Beach Camp, there are a lot of colorful rows of tents available in the whole area, stretching from the beach to the inner garden courtyard.

Why it’s unique: There are variations of tents, all of them are selected and imported from abroad with sizes from small to large, and one person to the whole family can sleep together. Another amazing thing, guests can going to sleep right on the “one of a kind” beach under a mosquito net with the sound of the waves gently plodding on the beach leads to the most restful sleep.

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For more information, see: facebook.com/cocobeachcamp

Aisa Home Hotel, Nha Trang City, Vietnam

What it is: A capsule hotel, a favorite lodging option for solo and budget tourists, is now available in Nha Trang. The first such hotel in the central resort town opened in late October with 56 capsules, each measuring two meters long and one meter high.

Why it’s unique: Stacked side by side and on top of one another to maximize on space, you can expect to pay around 170.000VND (US$7) per night. Each steel capsule has a TV, air conditioner, a safe, fire safety equipment and wireless Internet. The idea has even travelled over to Vietnam – Noi Bai International airport in Hanoi introduced their own sleeping pods.

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For more information, see: asiahome.vn


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