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If you have chance travel to Vietnam, kindly visit our Vietnam Travel News to view the lastest news and travel tips about Vietnam Travel, which might help you have a smooth trip to Vietnam.

Weather in Vietnam

 Vietnam has quite complicated climate from North to South and like everywhere around the world, it changed quite allots in recent years. The descriptions below and show you the information and the difference of the weather in different regions in Vietnam. 

Sapa Trekking

Trekking is a kind of travelling that you will move one place to another on your foot. Trekkers usually choose somewhere remote, wide, natural and full of challenge to take their trip. Because of its adventure, activeness and energy, this ...

8 Tips For Hanoi

Vietnam's coffee heritage is strong because of its French colonial legacy and it produces the second-largest amount of beans in the world. Most cafes have superb espresso, or alternatively try Vietnamese coffee, which is slightly bitter, often tar-thick, and comes ...

Vietnam Travel Experiences

You need to understand their cultural behavior in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary trouble. Especially when when you travel a culturally diversified country like Vietnam. About source of information, you should not place undue reliance on these guide...

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